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Zynga will stop chasing its tail by building their own RMG platform and is taking bids from vendors. Wise move.

Zynga Taking Bids for Real Money Gaming Platform

  According to EGR, Zynga has now begun accepting bids from platform providers for a real money gaming solution. The usual suspects (GTECH G2 and Playtech) have reportedly already submitted bids. This is a…

Is the 800lb gorilla awakening?

Zynga Poker Changes Mind, Now Exploring Real Money Gaming

Well that didn’t take long. Back in November, we wrote a column explaining why Zynga Casino GM Lo Toney‘s statements about his company not being interested in real-money poker where either a) misguided,…


Top Facebook Free-Play Poker Sites

With Zynga’s IPO scheduled for this week–there is increased attention focused right now on free-play poker.

Zynga Poker is like the SEC football of Facebook free-play games. It simply dominates all other comers. While we think it’ll be difficult for any of the free-play Facebook poker sites to convert their customers to real-money players in the future, sites like Zynga Poker are still significant revenue generators–and an underreported sector in our industry.

Zynga Poker won't be a real money site any time soon--and they're leaving a lot of money on the table because of it.

Zynga Has No Plans for RMG, But They Should

In an interview with eGaming Review during the IFP event in London last week, Zynga Casino General Manager Lo Toney said that his company has, “No plans to enter the real-money market.” This is…

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