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Ray Bitar might've badly misplayed his hand in trying to sell Full Tilt.

Now, Why Didn’t Full Tilt Poker Take the PokerStars Deal in Summer 2011?

With most of the legal jeopardy and fallout from the Department of Justice indictments waning, there has been an uptick of information coming out regarding the goat rodeo that was Full Tilt Poker operations post-Black Friday….


AnonymousX: Thoughts on Potential Full Tilt Deal and Legislation

Well, it looks like Full Tilt Poker may actually be saved by Groupe Bernard Tapie. I don’t know if “surprised” is the word I’d use about this news so much as “pleasantly optimistic.” I guess I always felt that the software and database had a certain amount of value. I just never had any idea of how much. Now I know.

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