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Updated Online Poker Legalization Barometer – A Big Plunge

Online poker’s 2012 legislative chances took a hit last week. Since we debuted our legislative barometer, we’ve maintained a greater than 50% chance that online poker gets regulated at the Federal level in…


Updated Online Poker Legalization Barometer for 2012

In late November we rolled out our first Online Poker Legislative Barometer. As a refresher, the Barometer is our weighing of industry executive, lobbyist, and media for their take on the likihood that the…

The DoJ flip-flop on the Wire Act may not do much for Federally-regulated online poker in 2012, but could be a boon for Nevada brick-and-mortars.

How Will the DoJ’s New Stance on Wire Act Impact Internet Poker in 2012?

To paraphrase one of Paulie Walnuts all-time best lines in the Sopranos, people in the poker industry wouldn’t mind “giving 2011 back to the Indians.” But the last two work days before Christmas, a…

Is a premier Vegas property making a major Bush League move?

Adelson Opposes Online Gaming: Just Inconsequential Sour Grapes?

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that Las Vegas Sands Chairman Sheldon Adelson is now “morally opposed” to online gaming.


Legislative Barometer: Chances for Online Poker Legislation by 2012

We’re rolling out a new feature for Wicked Chops Insider today: the Online Poker Legislative Barometer. The concept is simple: we’re asking connected industry executives, lobbyists, and media members for their take on the likihood that the U.S. passes online poker legislation by the end of 2012.

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